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WatchGuard Launches AI-Based Antivirus Against Zero Day Malware

WatchGuard Technologies has announced the launch of its version 12.2 of its Fireware operating system for its Firebox Unified Security Platform appliances. Key to the update is IntelligentAV, a new antivirus scan service that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to predict, detect and block constantly evolving zero day malware. This will act as an additional layer of malware defense on the Firebox platform.

“Data from our quarterly Internet Security Report shows that nearly half of all malware targeting our customers is zero day. Traditional signature-based antivirus, while still an important part of one’s overall security posture, no longer provides adequate protection against modern malware, which is often obfuscated to evade detection,” said Brendan Patterson, vice president of product management at WatchGuard Technologies. “That’s why WatchGuard believes that layering multiple advanced security solutions is the best way for businesses to protect their assets and their customer’s data. IntelligentAV is the latest example of how we use best-in-class technologies to deliver high-performance layered security for customers.”

IntelligentAV uses Cylance’s malware detection engine based on machine learning technology, which can accurately predict and detect future malware samples even without access to the latest threat intelligence and signature databases.

“The threat of zero day malware is a big issue for our clients, and Intelligent is an important part of a strong ‘defences in-depth’ strategy,” said Tony Petrella, vice president of engineering at Advanced Network Systems, Inc. “Having an AI component provides a more robust, proactive defences against new forms of malware and ransomware that legacy AV would typically miss.”

Besides IntelligentAV, other significant upgrades to Freeware version 12.2 include:

Firebox Cloud Management Upgrades

Geo-Blocking by Policy

TLS Proxy Protocols

Multiple Server Certificates

IntelligentAV is available only as part of WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite and can be used now for all WatchGuard customers with a Total Security Suite license on M270 or higher Firebox appliances, and on all Cloud and virtual appliances.

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