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USD 3 mn: Money India’s Top 8 Super Bug Hunters brought Home in 2020

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“No industry or profession has experienced an evolution quite like hacking. It started in the darkest underbelly of the internet, where hackers roamed the online world in search of vulnerabilities.” – HackerOne

According to Hacker Trends & Security in 2021, hacker activity has increased significantly in 2020 with a 57% increase in sign-ups on the HackerOne platform since March, as well as a 28% increase in reports submitted.

Whatever the outcome, Super Bug Hunters share a common goal: finding the highest impact valid bugs before a bad guy does.

We have compiled a list of eight Indian Super Bug Hunters who earned the highest bounty in 2020 and in early 2021. The objective is to give them proper recognition in our CISO and Sr. Security professional community.

DISCLAIMER: The ranking is based on the bounty earned. If you earned more than $5000 and your name is not listed there, please let us know we shall happily add your name to the DynamicCISO Super Bug Hunters list.

DynamicCISO Super Bug Hunters
DynamicCISO Super Bug Hunters

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