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Time for Different Approach: Cybersecurity as a System: Shopos Study

The survey has revealed that cybersecurity remains an uphill challenge and organizations still don’t have the resources they need. Although technology companies have been developing cybersecurity products for decades, and organizations continue to spend time, effort, and money on cybersecurity.

A different approach: Cybersecurity as a system

Cyber threats work as a system using multiple interconnected techniques and technologies in their attacks. At the same time, the IT infrastructure is also a system a complex, inter-connected network of PCs, Macs, servers, printers, mobile devices, apps, cloud workloads, switches, printers, firewalls, wireless systems and all the software that runs on them. With IT infrastructure and cyber threats both working as a system, it makes sense that cybersecurity should also work as a system rather than isolated point products.

Synchronized Security: Synchronized Security enables organizations to address the complex challenges revealed by the survey. Endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents and with everything controlled through a single, web-based console, management is a breeze.

Multiple attack vectors:

The complete portfolio of protection enables you to stop threats from all vectors of attack: email, web, software vulnerability, USB devices.

The products are engineered to work together, eliminating security gaps as well as avoiding compatibility issues.

Unprecedented insights let you identify previously unseen risks, such as malicious apps in the network traffic.

Complex, coordinated, and multi-stage attacks:

Integrated, layered protection maximizes your defenses against advanced threats by blocking them at multiple stages and using multiple technologies.

Automated incident response slashes your exposure to threats by stopping and isolating attacks in seconds.

Cross-estate insights enable you to identify and address the root cause of any issues.

Time, talent, and technology in short supply:

Managing everything through a single, web-based console significantly reduces day-to-day overheads while freeing up team members.

Automated incident response also relieves the admin burden on IT by removing the need to manually identify and remediate infected machines.

The consistent, familiar interface across all products makes it quicker and easier to get started with new products.

Despite heavy and ongoing investment in cybersecurity technology, the job for IT teams across the globe isn’t getting any easier. Rather than continuing further with the same approach to cybersecurity, it’s time to move to cybersecurity as a system. By enabling security products to share information and work together in real time you can stay ahead of the threats while also freeing up valuable IT resources.

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