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The Inspiring Story of Cyber Security Entrepreneur Rahul Sasi, Founder, CloudSEK

There are leaders who have done some brilliant work in the cyber security domain and have been a consistent contributor to this community. Possessing a healthy perspective, they know what it means to lead.

Indian entrepreneur, security expert, and white-hat hacker Rahul Sasi is one such name. He is the Founder and CTO of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital risk management enterprise CloudSEK. The promising startup has developed a niche product to scan and monitor the dark web, deep web and surface web threats.

Cyber security expert Sasi has been in the cyber security space ever since he was in college. He was a contributing member to various cyber security forums and open-source projects. In his last year of engineering, he got a six-month internship opportunity with iSight Partners, a cyber security startup.

Unfortunately, college rules did not allow him to take it up and he had to quit college to join iSight. There, he was the first technical researcher for its office in India. In 2015, iSight got acquired by FireEye. That’s when he decided to bring together the emerging disciplines of machine learning and cyber security and founded CloudSEK. The increasing awareness about cyber security in the society, coupled with the surge in demand, has only translated into profits for the company.

Sasi believes in building a great company and focuses on improving the lives of people around him.

Therefore, CloudSEK also carries out a number of activities focused on giving back to the community. The company is helping young and talented students as its founder is a firm believer that young professionals should be motivated and given opportunities that would actually help them apply whatever they learn.

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