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Safeguarding From Cyber Assaults in Extraordinary Times: An Interview with Murtaza Bhatia, NTT Ltd. (India)

The current situation, created by the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is proving to be a test of patience, tolerance, wisdom, and everything that one could imagine.

Along with the struggle to keep ourselves safe from getting infected with CoronaVirus, there’s another very critical aspect of safety that’s bothering corporates of all sizes-small, medium and large. And that is the issue of cyber safety. The bad actors, hackers and nation-state sponsored cyber-criminals have unleashed a new war on information and data assets globally not even sparing the healthcare and other departments or establishments which are directly serving the humanity.

While the methods and tools of cyber warfare aren’t new, but the intensity of the war is such that it has breached all previous records. Be it the attack on Video calling/conferencing apps, collaboration suites, or even simple infrastructure or networking tools, the attacks are widespread and rampant.

DynamicCISO has been talking to various experts, technologists, and policy makers on this issue of cybersecurity and has been reporting on those quite dynamically.

In this series, and in midst of the lockdown, we did a video conversation with Murtaza Bhatia, Cybersecurity domain expert and Head Vertical Solutions, NTT Ltd. (India) on various challenges facing CISO and companies and how can they enable themselves to safeguards their crown jewels.

Watch the full interview.


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