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Qualys Acquires Software Assets of Cloud App Management Company Adya

Cybersecurity software provider Qualys has acquired the software assets of cloud applications management startup Adya. Adya provides software to help enterprises manage and secure their software-as-a-service applications.

This acquisition allows Qualys to provide SaaS administration services from within their current service. Adya’s software allows companies to administer their critical SaaS applications from one console, save costs on SaaS licenses, set and enforce security policies in one place and report and audit on all activity with a single tool. Supported SaaS applications include Google Cloud, Office 365, Slack, GitHub and NetApp Accelerator. The software also provides support for security and compliance, including visibility into data exposure and dangerous apps; administration; license management; and auditing and reporting.

“Enabling security and compliance audits of SaaS applications is becoming critically important as enterprises increasingly rely on cloud-based software to accelerate their digital transformations,” Philippe Courtot, chairman and chief executive officer of Qualys, said.

“Adya has built an impressive solution that addresses this issue by bringing SaaS application administration, licensing, security and compliance into a single-pane view, and delivering comprehensive reports for auditors and stakeholders”.

As with all Qualys acquisitions, key Adya employees have joined Qualys, including co-founders Deepak Balakrishna as Chief Technology Officer, SaaS Security and Amit Agarwal as VP Engineering, SaaS Security.

Adya’s security, compliance and administration capabilities include:

Security and Compliance – Central visibility into data exposure and dangerous apps for all SaaS applications.

Administration – A single console to administer all SaaS apps, limiting access to apps based on role and providing critical administrative functionality.

License Management – A single console to monitor usage of SaaS apps and manage costs by finding and re-allocating dormant licenses.

Auditing and Reporting – Pre-built and custom reports for audit, compliance and other needs.

“Qualys is a pioneer that saw the market move to cloud-based subscription services over 15 years ago,” said Balakrishna. “We are excited to be part of this great company, and to scale the efficiencies of Cloud Application Management by integrating Adya’s solutions into the Qualys Cloud Platform.”

Qualys is working on fully integrating Adya’s solutions with the Qualys Cloud Platform. Qualys currently expects this solution to be commercially available in Q3 2019.

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