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Passion for Cyber Security is What Drives Infosec Expert Amar Singh

“Without Passion – We are but Machines,” says Amar Singh, a writer, author, and an industry influencer and leader in the domain of cyber security.

Passion is what drives this cyber warrior, who is the founder of a not-for-profit organisation and Cyber Management Alliance. And it is true. We all have something that makes us feel alive, a passionate pursuit which adds that little extra meaning to life, an activity that provides us with a sense of fulfillment, of purpose. If one doesn’t know that then life might feel unfulfilling for many. With passion and persistence, you can do anything. As long as you have the passion, the drive, and the focus, the most difficult of the problems can be tackled.

This cyber crisis & incident response practitioner is a UK Government GCHQ Certified Trainer and a creator of APMG & GCHQ Certified course CSPE (Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials). He is the creator and trainer of business focused Cyber Incident Planning & Response Course for middle to senior executives (CIPR). This board member and consultant is also the Chair of ISACA Security Advisory.

Armed with an MBA in cyber security, Singh is a trusted advisor to police forces, financial institutions, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, the NHS and telecom firms. Recognized by the industry as a unique voice, Singh has mentored and advised several firms, start-ups & incubator funds. Singh is also a mentor to CISOs. He is also a guest lecturer at multiple universities. In fact, thought leader Singh offers specialised cybersecurity training to business executives and senior management and is highly connected with a large network of C-Level decision-makers, people of influence, practitioners and specialists.

An industry acknowledged expert and public speaker, Singh is regularly invited to speak and share his insights by some of the largest and most respected organisations in the world including The BBC, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit, The Financial Times, and the Al-Jazeera English Channel.

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