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Oracle Cloud Automates Security for Critical Workloads

Oracle has announced that it is expanding its security portfolio with new cloud services designed to automatically help protect cloud workloads and data from risks posed by misconfigurations and cyber threats.

The three new cloud services, including Oracle Data Safe, Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Maximum Security Zones provide centralized security configuration and posture management, as well as automated enforcement of security practices.

Together with Oracle Data Safe, Cloud Guard and Maximum Security Zones, customers can better protect their critical workloads. These intelligent systems operate in the background enforcing security practices, gathering telemetry from across the cloud environment, and surfacing misconfigurations, anomalous behavior and risks to respond to through automated means.

With the new capabilities, customers of Oracle Cloud will not bear the burden of designing secure architectures from scratch and will be better protected from the consequences of misconfigurations than they are in other cloud environments today.

“Data is your most valuable asset, and hackers will exploit any weakness, whether in databases, their users, or their infrastructure,” said Vipin Samar, senior vice president, Database Security, Oracle. “We created Oracle Data Safe to help organizations secure their data in the cloud, irrespective of their size or security expertise.”

Cloud enables organizations to better address a cyber threat landscape that continues to increase in size and complexity. In the 2019 Oracle KPMG Cloud Threat Report, 72% of organizations responded that security in the cloud is better than what they can achieve on their own.

Oracle Data Safe Automates Protection of Customer Data

Oracle Data Safe is a unified control center for automating database security and improving visibility into security issues with data, users, and configuration. This also include providing vital security controls, including monitoring database activity, discovering sensitive data, and masking databases to help minimize security risk. Further this also helps customers protect their Oracle Database Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database. It complements the security features already in Oracle Autonomous Database, such as always-on encryption and self-patching. Available now on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Data Safe is included with all Oracle Database Cloud services.

Oracle Cloud Guard is a unified security solution that provides a global and centralized approach to the protection of all of a customer’ assets. It works to analyze data, detect threats and misconfigurations automatically, then hunt down and kill those security threats without requiring human oversight.

Oracle Cloud Guard continuously collects data from every part of the infrastructure and application stack, including audit logs, Oracle Data Safe, Oracle OS Management Service, as well as third-party products.

Maximum Security Zones Deliver the Highest Levels of Security

Oracle Cloud Maximum Security Zones comprises an enclave within a customer’s environment where security is mandatory and always on. It provides a combination of automated preventative and detective means to enforce security controls and practices to customer defined configurations of Oracle Cloud resources Maximum Security Zones are enforced through the automated activation of all relevant and preconfigured security services, including application security and the new Cloud Guard.

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