Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity: Paladion

Rapid digitalization is sure to bring in large-scale proliferation of devices as well as systems across industries and sectors. Each and every industry will have their systems in the cloud, edge, and IoT devices. Cybercriminals and hackers will find it easier compromising systems. Thus, organizations will need solutions through which users can rapidly and seamlessly integrate devices anywhere, on demand and that too securely.

In such a context, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a key role in bolstering and fine-tuning cyber security tools and solutions. One such trailblazing cybersecurity company is Paladion Networks. The company is a provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, which is powered by AIsaac. This is the company’s AI platform for cyber analytics and hybrid SecOps. AIsaac uses sophisticated and next-generation algorithms in order to detect complex, targeted, and unknown cyberattacks.

The platform also empowers faster orchestration of response from Paladion security operations centers (SOCs). No wonder, AIsaac has been recognized and awarded as the most innovative AI platform for cyber security.

With more than two decades of experience in cyber security, the organization’s next-generation services power technology, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and cloud-first companies globally. In fact, Paladion has been consistently recognized and rated by independent technology advisory firms for its excellent managed detection and response services, cloud security, and vulnerability management. Paladion has more than 700 satisfied customers serviced by 450+ security experts from 4 SOCs strategically placed across the globe. Since 2020, Paladion is now a part of Atos.

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