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Kaspersky and DNIF Announce Technology Partnership

Kaspersky and DNIF a product of NETMONASTERY, a next gen SIEM platform that leverages big data analytics and machine learning to provide end-to-end visibility, have recently announced to partner and offer comprehensive network security solutions.

This integration empowers SOC teams with a powerful threat hunting platform that captures real-time data from the network infrastructure, automatically detects anomalous and malicious behaviour, validates and effectively responds to cyber threats.

Firms across the globe are worried about becoming a victim of targeted attacks, making the need for cyber threat intelligence more important than ever. This partnership allows customers to rapidly detect and effectively respond to sophisticated and evolving threats.

This integration will give security teams unparalleled insight and context around emerging threats and bolster their network defences. DNIF parses, stores and runs real-time analytics on log data which is validated by Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.

Benefits of Kaspersky and DNIF integration:

  • Real-time log collection, contextualization, analysis with curated threat intelligence
  • 100% vetted threat intelligence and next gen SIEM’s high availability and scalability
  • Improved and accelerated incident response and forensic capabilities significantly reducing attack ‘dwell’ time and preventing costly consequences of a successful cyber attack

Shomiron Das Gupta, Founder of NETMONASTERY, said, “DNIF analyses terabytes of data in real-time daily. DNIF’s ability to detect anomalous network behaviour in real-time is what sets it apart. This collaboration with Kaspersky ensures we leverage the strengths of our respective services to make the lives of security analysts easier and the CTOs & CISOs of organizations to breathe easy.”

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