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Indian Companies Increase AI Usage to Detect Cyber Security Incidents: Capgemini

The latest research from Capgemini revealed that organizations in India are increasing the pace in usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is mainly due to many organizations are unable to successfully investigate all the incidents identified by the security tools.

69% of organization revealed cybersecurity to be of paramount importance in investigating threats. As cyber threats gets more advance arising from new and sophisticated malwares, investigating all the same without flaws is getting complicated. 63% of security analyst said that are unable to identify critical threats without AI.

The cybersecurity analysts are overwhelmed with the usage of AI as many threats, which were not detectable previously or challenges unaddressed earlier are being addressed by usage of AI. The research was carried out on 850 executives worldwide and 80 executives from India.

The study further revealed that network and data security are the areas witnessing the highest usage of AI, where AI for network security is as high as 75%, followed by 71% in data security. Endpoint security amounted to 68%, identity and access security to be 65%.Application security amounted between 64% to 59%, cloud security to be around 59% to 48% and last IOT security scored between 53% to 44%.

Benefits of Using AI by Companies:

Usage of AI is seeing significant increase in detection and prediction of cyber threats in India as per the research. 6% increase is seen in the area of threat detection in USB devices, followed by 10% increase in prediction mainly in the area of industrial cyber security platform that leverages machine learning (ML).

AI is lowering the cost to detect and respond to breaches in India as per the research. 63% organization agreeing that the cost to detect a breach has gone down significantly, 44% of organization has experienced cost benefits and 45% of organizations have experienced cost benefits.

The usage of AI in India is benefiting organization as the ability to respond to breaches increased upto 70% says research. 48% of organizations have been able to save time while detecting and 44% have increased the time taken to remediate a breach.

65% of organizations are increasing the higher accuracy of detecting breaches in India and there has been 54% increase in higher efficiency for cyber security analyst in the organization.

AI for Cyber security Initiatives: 

Organizations who have implemented high potential use cases have benefited .This includes scoring risk in network OT, intrusion detection, user /machine behaviour analysis fraud detection and malware detection. 48% of organizations who have implemented use cases with high complexity and average implementation got high benefits, whereas 54% reported average implementation of use cases with low complexity.

Road Map for AI in Cybersecurity Implementation: Research

Data platform creation: The key insights towards building a road map for cybersecurity is by creating a data platform and identifying key data sources to operationalize AI.

Collaborate: The insight from the research stated that it is important to collaborate externally to enhance threat intelligence.

Training: The next in line is to train the cyber analysts to be AI read.

Install Governance: Installing governance for AI in cybersecurity to deliver long term improvement transparently and ethically.

Deploy SOAR: To improve security management its essential to deploy security orchestration, automation and response to improve security management.

Selection of high impact use cases: Its important to select the right set of use cases to accelerate and maximize benefits.

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