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India Was the Most Infected from Ransomeware: Sophos Report

When the ransomeware attack took place last year, it took many an organization by surprise. In fact, it is now that the magnitude of the damage is getting revealed. According to a study conducted by Sophos, a company working the cyber security space, there were quite a few startling revelations about the extent of the damage. The reports says that as many as 54% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year. Some more observations are as follows:

  • India had the highest level of infection, followed by Mexico, U.S., and Canada
  • On average two ransomware attacks per organization
  • Median impact per affected organization ? US$133K (£100K)
  • Healthcare was the top target, followed by energy, professional services, and retail
  • 77% of organizations were running up-to-date endpoint security at the time of the attack
  • 54% of organizations do not have specific anti-ransomware protection in place

Unlike lightning, ransomware does strike twice. Ransomware continues to be a major issue across the globe, with 54% of organizations surveyed hit in the last year, and a further 31% expecting to be victims of an attack in the future. Unlike lightning, ransomware can – sadly – strike twice with affected organizations suffered on average two ransomware attacks in the preceding 12 months. While ransomware held organizations hostage in every country surveyed, the extent of ransomware attacks varied significantly across the survey group. India tops the table of ransomware victims with a full two-thirds (67%) of respondents hit by ransomware in the previous year.

Conversely, at the other end of the scale, in Japan four in ten (41%) had suffered an attack. Language likely plays a significant role here – ransomware attacks frequently start with a phishing email. The same English-language email can be used in at least six of the countries surveyed, whereas an email in Japanese can only be used in a single geographic area. In this case, the complexity of their language gives the people of Japan an added defense.

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