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IceWrap Accelerating Secured Communication for Pharma Sector

IceWarp, a global leader for developing email communication and collaboration solutions is dedicated to accelerate secured communication for the Pharma Sector.

The company has been able to empower Pharma sector by integrating technology into healthcare sector to avoid cyber risks. This has opened up new avenues of progress with a personalized and innovative way of collaboration.

The vast data and information of pharma industry that exists is quite confounding. Technology can become a key differentiator and Pharma industry is investing in digital transformation technologies.

The company offers it’s ‘pay for what you use’ feature, thereby saving 40% of the cost of the pharma business. Companies have been able to secure confidential and sensitive data by managing domains to avoid email spoofing and malware attacks. Powered by CISCO Antivirus & anti-spam, and 2-factor authentication that helps accounts across devices with time-limited password pairing.

Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp, India & Middle East said “We are excited to announce that we are able to harness the Pharma Industry with our most comprehensive set of collaborative solutions. Healthcare has been and will be an indispensable part, from finding cures of deadly diseases to delivering medical services on a day-to-day basis. Hence, no country can afford to have halts or threats hampering the dynamics of the industry. Therefore, adoption of technology into the healthcare sector is as crucial as for any other industry to take business potential to its next level”.

Apart from authenticated security, the company offers advanced features with benefits like easy to use operate from anywhere and everywhere; across devices, team collaboration, performance-enhancing tools, and much more.

Unveil more with just a single Email; outlook compatibility, multitasking, smart attachment, delayed send, etc. IceWarp is trusted among the top organizations and pharma giants like Alkem, Akumentis Healthcare, Sun Pharma, Unichem Laboratories, Cadila Healthcare and many more for their business operations.

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