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How Cybersecurity Evolves CISO/Security Vendor Relationship?

With any kind of evolution there is a need for realignment, reexamination, change from the existing, or discovery of new. Why is it so? Because a change seeks to change. With the change in the severity of threats and vulnerabilities, there is a need for evolution in cybersecurity. The same old methods or concepts hold no good in today’s environment of new threats and risks. The evolution of cybersecurity, in fact, automatically promises to remodel of CISO/Security Vendor relationship.

As the corporate’s dependency on technology and information systems has increased tremendously to the core of business processes, IT infrastructure and business applications security needs has taken a new shape. It needs a complete reassessment, recognition, and a new perspective of understanding of ongoing challenges of defending corporate infrastructure. Cynet, keeping all this in mind, is showcasing a new series of videos on the trials and tribulations of cybersecurity.

The IT department of an enterprise needs to understand the wide gap between what vendors promise and what pains of the corporates remain unattended. The key focus of this video series stays on educating Technology experts in an organization how vendor solutions fall short of actual deliverables at the time of crisis despite carefully drawn service level agreements. A new approach, thus, is very important. That new approach should combine technology and a team of security experts to cater to a highly effective defensive strategy. CISO being at the top of the ladder when it comes to cybersecurity in an organization must equip him or herself with all kinds of powerful tools and solutions to defend the organization against cybersecurity breaches. Because ultimately he or she will be responsible for failed efforts. There is always something more to what they are doing.

Despite deploying the best of the solutions, these top IT security experts can’t afford to just sit idle after the deployment. They continuously need to strive to enhance their IT security defenses with various actions like educating the workforce, upskilling security teams, and protective product selection to insulate their enterprise against some of the most notorious attacks. It is, actually, quite difficult for CISOs and their team of professionals to vet IT security solutions for the threats and vulnerabilities they are tackling regularly. Every solution has its sphere of coverage while catering to a variety of environments, applications, and risks to protect and resolute against cyber threats in a definitive manner. It is, thus important to get them out of that vicious circle. To tackle that, Cynet has launched a new video series (https://www.cynet.com/ciso-vs-security-vendor/?utm_source=thn) to address the concerns of CISOs when managing cybersecurity vendors.

Most of the CISOs are finding themselves helpless against the high-pressure sales tactics of cybersecurity vendors who come with over-hyped claims of protection, extremely complex operations, and lack of automation. Each of these areas is the actual pain points of IT professionals working in the security industry. Cynet, through these videos, asks CISOs to re-evaluate their approach to cyber defense.

Dori Harpaz, VP, Marketing for Cynet says, “Our newest generation technology challenges the common misperception that cybersecurity solutions are ineffective or too complicated to leverage the benefits. Cynet’s radical approach simplifies and converges cyber defense so organizations can quickly and easily handle cyber-attacks and remain focused on what they do best – their business.”

Enterprises need a more holistic cybersecurity solution in comparison to what is currently available in the market. Cynet has come out with an Automated Breach Protection Platform to safeguard and protect the complete IT environment in an organization with a simple yet powerfully integrated control dashboard that is backed by a top System & Organizational Control (SOC) Team. The company has built a unique combination of the most advanced technology and security support infrastructure. So, it is Cynet360 software empowered with Sensor Fusion technology that can collect all activity signals, analyzing them together in a real-time environment to conclude the true context of each activity based on which it enforces precise breach prevention actions.

Cynet 360 Sensor Fusion technology begins with a sensor array to monitor activities of a file, process, memory, network traffic, and user accounts to find out any kind of exceptional behavior or patterns, individually and after fusing the results in order to analyze the findings thereby delivering automated precise actions that provide complete protection than any comparable solutions of platforms. As an outcome of this, enterprises get precise monitoring and control, attack prevention, and detection, and an immediate response orchestration for the highest order of breach prevention.

The Cynet 360 technology platform is supported by CyOps 24/7 Cyber SWAT Team at no additional cost. This provides customers with the crucial cybersecurity staff required to ensure customers do not fail in keeping up with a fast-moving threatscape. The CyOps team of professionals includes security analysts, researchers, and experts capable enough to provide incident responses, forensics, threat hunting, and malware analysis.

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