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Growing Number of MSSPs Leverage Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to Deliver Differentiated Value-Added Services to Customers

Fortinet, has recently announced increasing global momentum with managed security service providers (MSSPs), including Node4, Zain Jordan and Liquid Networx, leveraging Fortinet’s industry-leading Secure SD-WAN solution to provide customers additional high-value services.

This integrated Next-Generation Firewall Security, Advanced Routing and Open Fabric Ecosystem allow MSSPs to better meet customers’ evolving business requirement. SD-WAN provide organizations reliable and cost-effective connectivity to support their digital innovation goals. Recent research from IDC found that the SD-WAN infrastructure market is poised to reach $5.25 billion in 2023.

As an increasing number of businesses look to deploy SD-WAN, many are turning to MSSPs to fill skill shortages and other gaps within their teams. MSSPs can fill this growing need by creating value-added services for customers that want to enhance user experience and reduce WAN complexity and cost, while securing their distributed networks.

Fortinet Enables MSSPs to Unlock SD-WAN Opportunity
Recognizing this opportunity, Node4, Zain Jordan and Liquid Networx join a growing number of MSSPs who have chosen Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to deliver new managed services to their customers. Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking approach to SD-WAN integrates both networking and security functionalities in one offering, enabling MSSPs to offer advanced security across their WAN infrastructure with a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Below is an overview of how three of Fortinet’s partners are utilizing Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to benefit their customers.

Node4 uses Fortinet’s SD-WAN technology to provide Secure SD-WAN managed services to its customers in the United Kingdom. Its offering provides customers with security at the edge for enhanced protection to multi-site businesses and Quality of Service (QoS) to protect voice and latency-sensitive applications, maximizing user experience.

Node4 has seen their business grow with an increase in network sales, all while reducing their operating costs and overall TCO by about 40.

Additionally, using Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN technology in its own network has also allowed Node4 to improve performance for its cloud and SaaS services, which contribute up to 80% of Node4’s network traffic, by blending MPLS and internet facing connectivity. As a result, Node4 can provide its customers with accelerated cloud connectivity by reducing latency and removing WAN complexities.

Zain Business
Zain Business selected Fortinet to deliver Jordan’s first secure SD-WAN managed services to existing and new enterprise customers. Through its new services built on Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution, Zain Business can ensure customers run their applications with advanced security, performance and reliability, helping customers realize their business goals. Zain Business’ new SD-WAN service is particularly beneficial for distributed enterprises in verticals such as banking and retail with distributed branches and locations.

Liquid Networx
Liquid Networx based in the United States introduced a secure SD-WAN solution built on Fortinet Secure SD-WAN. By implementing Fortinet Secure SD-WAN technology into its offering, Liquid Networx has made it easier for its customers to go from a single MPLS connection to dual connectivity with larger bandwidth connections, ranging from 200 to 400% bandwidth increases, while customer costs stay relatively the same.

This has led to an increase in business growth and customer engagement as it continues to design and deploy solutions that work for their customers, improving their overall IT environment.

John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet said “Fortinet’s global partners leverage our innovative Secure SD-WAN solution to take advantage of the new business opportunities presented by the rapidly growing SD-WAN market.

Increasingly, MSSPs in particular are delivering new managed services built on Fortinet’s industry-leading Secure SD-WAN solution to meet customers’ evolving business needs. Our MSSP partners realize that delivering connectivity-only SD-WAN services is not sustainable long-term and are choosing to differentiate their services through the inclusion of security, which Fortinet Secure SD-WAN uniquely provides offering networking and security functionalities through a single offering.”

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