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Fortinet Signs Agreement on Sharing Cyber Threat Information with IBM to Provide Enhanced Protection for Customers

Fortinet announces to collaborate with IBM Security the bi-directional sharing of cyber threat information. The purpose of the agreement is to proactively combat cyber threats and threats to privacy globally through the sharing of contextual threat information generated by the Fortinet FortiGuard Labs threat research team and IBM Security’s X-Force research team.

IBM Security and Fortinet will directly collaborate through bi-directional sharing of threat intelligence using secure channels. Joint threat information sharing will deliver deep security research expertise and global threat intelligence for increased protection for the customers of each company.

IBM Security and Fortinet global threat research teams monitor and analyse security threats from a variety of sources, providing valuable and near real-time threat intelligence. By integrating the threat intelligence feeds from each company, customers will now benefit from more thorough data being available.

The Continuous cooperation between Fortinet and IBM has provided the following benefits:

  • The agreement formalises the ongoing cooperation that the organisation are already been sharing and working in regards to comprehensive security protections.
  • IBM Security has been a Fortinet Fabric-Ready partner since 2017. Fortinet’s open approach extends the broad visibility, integrated threat prevention, and automated response of its Security Fabric architecturethrough well-defined APIs to IBM for unified security management and security incident response.
  • In addition, Fortinet earlier this year announced collaboration with IBM on its IBM X-Force Threat Management Services.

“By entering relationships with trusted partners like Fortinet, IBM is able to construct a clearer picture of the global threat landscape. Today, threat actors are highly skilled, organized, well-resourced and able to operate globally and swiftly. In order to defend effectively, we must operate with that same speed and develop informed, accurate counter-measures. The kind of collective defense we’ve formed with Fortinet helps IBM better protect clients and communities by equipping us with additional intelligence that enables us to respond to emerging threats more quickly, and more completely” says Mr.Caleb Barlow, vice president threat intelligence, IBM Security.

Mr Phil Quade, Chief Information security officer, Fortinet said “Every organization faces evolving cyber threats, an expanding attack surface, and a growing cybersecurity skills shortage. Actionable intelligence with global visibility is important to enable these organizations to move from being reactive to proactive. You cannot protect or take action on what you cannot see, which is why threat information sharing between trusted industry partners is a vital part of helping businesses combat cyber threats globally.”

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