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Fighting the Cyber War on the Legal Front: Adv. Puneet Bhasin

While cyber criminals leave no stone unturned to wreak havoc on individuals as well as businesses, there is an entire ecosystem of cyber warriors fighting these threat actors on different fronts.

One of the critical fronts on which this war is being fought is the legal front. Counted among India’s most sought after and trusted cyber lawyers, Adv. Puneet Bhasin has established herself as a pioneer in the field of cyber law.

Founder of cyber law firm, Cyberjure Legal Consulting, she is an advisor to the Rajya Sabha Committees on internet laws. Bhasin is the recipient of five National Awards for her contribution to the field. During her academic years when Bhasin joined the law school one of her professors assigned her a cyber-criminal law investigation case. This piqued her interest in the area and marked the start of her journey in cyber law.

Today, she has come a long way with over 400 clients globally consulting her on cyber laws and privacy matters. Her specialization includes Technology laws, Blockchain Laws, Cyber Crime Cases, GDPR Legal Compliance, Artificial Intelligence & IoT Laws, E-commerce Laws, Fintech Laws, Smart City Laws and Digital Healthcare Laws.

She has presented as an expert on various laws, including Online Pornography Regulation in India, Indian Data Protection Law, Cryptocurrency regulation & Online Gambling Laws.India, Indian Data Protection Law, Cryptocurrency regulation & Online Gambling Laws. Bhasin is a well-known author and regularly shares her views on issues and latest updates in the digital crimes and privacy space in the media and various other forums.

She launched the Cyberjure Academy in 2018 to develop industry skillsets in EU GDPR compliance, cyber laws, cybercrime investigation and data protection compliances. To her credit she has trained over 400 CXOs and professionals and is a mentor to over 4000 aspiring professionals and law students globally.

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