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Interview: Nick Savvides, Forcepoint Defines Cybersecurity in Pandemic Times

What would an ideal cybersecurity system look like if IT and business leaders were in a position to design it from the grounds up? Muqbil Ahmar, Executive Editor, DynamicCISO catches up with Nick Savvides, Senior Director, Strategic Business, APAC, Forcepoint about the current state of cyber security and the road ahead.

Nick talks about a range issues including the evolution of the threat landscape, unique security challenges facing organizations during the pandemic crisis, the evolving nature of cyber warfare, beating cybercriminals and at the end of the day ensuring a robust security posture for enterprises. He also dwells on how cyber-crime has increased during the lockdown period.

This is despite the fact that companies invest significant resources in sophisticated controls to protect people, brand, and assets from cyber criminals. In fact, businesses faced unprecedented pressure due to the lockdown. With work from home becoming the new normal, there is suddenly a big spike in digital traffic. This needs a robust and secure infrastructure. What are the unique challenges that organizations are facing these days?

Nick also touched upon and shared insights from a recent Forcepoint survey of 200 C-suite executives in partnership with WSJ Intelligence. The survey explored the current state of cybersecurity — and what the ideal cybersecurity system should be.

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