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Data Breach in Amazon India Leaks Sellers Financial Info

The eCommerce platform of Amazon India, has reported data breach of its sellers. The data privacy breach has affected sellers and vendors.The glitch that was reported internally last week and exposed some sellers’ private financial information to other users.

The merchant tax reports (MTR) in question basically comprise of data relating to sales, category-wise split and inventory data. If found by rivals, this could prove to be of material value to them and detrimental to the merchant whose data was exposed. The company however have resolved the situation and fixed the glitch on a priority basis, sellers and vendors have raised concerns about the exposure of the competitive business information and if it could prove detrimental in any way.

“On Sunday, some sellers who attempted to download merchant tax reports for the month of December 2018 experienced a technical issue,” Amazon India said. “Our teams identified the issue and resolved it on priority and sellers were soon able to download the correct reports.”

Amazon claims that only 400,000 sellers, which is 0.2% of the total number of sellers on Amazon were affected by the breach. Sellers who were  trying to download their reports from the site and found that what was being printed out was not their own but some other sellers’. Though the firm said it was able to contain the issue, unsolicited exposure of a firm’s data has spooked e-commerce users.

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