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Dark Trace Launches Antigena v2 an AI Powered Solution to Stop High-Severity Cyber Threats

Darktrace launched Antigena Version 2 a major update to its AI-powered autonomous response technology which takes surgical action and stops high-severity cyber-threats within seconds. The Security team is alerted and the team gets valuable time to catch up, as the crisis is averted.

Antigena v2 is a new Email Module , which enables organizations to pre-emptively protect email users targeted by email attack campaigns. Within seconds of a malicious attack being detected, Antigena v2 not only stops the threat from escalating on the compromised device, but also stops other people in the organization from being hit in the first place.

Antigena v2 includes the following features:
• New Email module that blocks threats at the point of entry
• Autonomous response for cloud, network, and email attacks
• Precise actions driven by new AI models
• Orchestration with market-leading firewalls and switches
• Greater visibility and control from the Darktrace Mobile App (v2)

“As cyber-criminals devise ways to leverage AI that enhance the speed, scale, and automation of attacks, organizations need to fight back with AI to keep pace,” commented Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace. “By using AI to understand ‘normal’ for every unique business, Darktrace Antigena v2 can neutralize even the most sophisticated attacks, before they have time to escalate into a crisis.”



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