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Covid-19: How Technology Companies Like Acronis Are Helping Enterprises

Covid-19: How Technology Companies Like Acronis Are Helping Enterprises

The world is adjusting to a new reality with the rapid spread of the corona virus or the Covid 19. Remote work and social distancing are becoming a common practice. As more and more companies are forced to switch to remote work, this is putting extra strain on the IT infrastructure. To help enterprises come to terms with the restrictions put up to fight the corona virus outbreak, many technology companies are coming forward.

Singapore-based cyber protection unicorn Acronis has made its Acronis Cyber Files Cloud free for enterprises till July 31, 2020. This is the company’s secure, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, which has been made free to all service providers, existing as well as new. The initiative is likely to support hundreds of millions of remote workers during the COVID-19 outbreak. The campaign was rolled out worldwide last week.

“For every person staying at home, there are 250 people potentially saved from getting a virus. Companies need to support initiatives aimed at reducing risk of contamination – and thanks to this campaign they can do so without a downside,” says Yury Averkiev, VP Product Management, Acronis.

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud provides office and mobile users with safe file access, sync, and share in an easy-to-use and secure hosted cloud solution. Service providers can now meet the needs of their customers without taking on additional financial burdens or increasing operational costs.

Such steps would be particularly helpful for small and medium businesses. According to Yury, staying operational for SMBs means keeping both employees and corporate data safe – and with such tools as Acronis Cyber Files Cloud they don’t have to choose between the two.

“Once you equip people with a reliable tool to securely exchange corporate data, they are less likely to be exposed to physical and virtual threats,” adds Yury.

Responding to the question if there will be impacts to the bottomline, Yury says: With a pay-as-you-go model, increased trial period & simple on-boarding, there are no significant changes to the company’s budget or business operations.

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