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Community-Based Protection for Before, During and After a Cyber Attack by FireEye

FireEye, the intelligence-led security company, yesterday announced solutions to empower collaboration and bolster access to community-based protection from cyber attacks. The FireEye Market, Expertise On-Demand and enhanced Incident Response Retainers take a community-centric approach and offer access to free tools, shared knowledge, FireEye expertise and on-demand services.

“It is not possible to have perfect security, and nearly every organisation has difficulties amassing the capabilities they require,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye. “Therefore, delivering a community driven defense is an essential component of effective cyber security. Virtually every organisation is connected to the Internet, and many organisations face the same cyber threats, so we all benefit from knowledge and resource sharing, as well as collaboration and the creation of tools and applications. FireEye is building a community-based approach to address global security challenges together.”

The FireEye Market: Where community comes together for better protection

The FireEye Market promotes use, empowers creation, and encourages collaboration through an open developer ecosystem. This ecosystem of apps, plug-ins, add-ons and content extends the community experience by making it easy to discover free tools and product extensions that enhance the capabilities of purchased products. Beyond extending new capabilities to customers and partners, FireEye is simplifying content discovery to help users expand their arsenal of security tools and tactics.

The FireEye Market provides an easy way to browse and search all of the existing content that FireEye makes available today in one place though an intuitive UI. Initially, the platform is focused on existing open-source software (OSS), freeware and community developed tools. FireEye plans to enable customers and partners to contribute to the FireEye Market themselves in the future, creating integrations and submitting their own new applications, plug-ins and extensions. The vision is to foster a community of developers that are passionate about sharing, learning and working together to enhance the FireEye experience.

The FireEye Market is a natural extension of FireEye Helix – the security operations platform that integrates security tools and augments them with next-generation SIEM, orchestration, and threat intelligence capabilities to capture the untapped potential of security investments.

The FireEye Market is available for the public to browse at New content will be continually added as it’s reviewed and approved for use. To request the review and addition of an existing app not in The FireEye Market, email

Expertise On-Demand – A community to solve the cyber security skills shortage

Hiring cyber security talent is one of the biggest challenges for organisations. FireEye is introducing access to a community of FireEye experts as a way for organisations to gain access to the expertise that they need, when they need it, without requiring them to add full-time staff.

Expertise On-Demand provides flexible access to FireEye’s wide-range of industry-recognised security expertise, threat intelligence and cyber-readiness services. All subscriptions include daily News Analysis, access to FireEye threat analysis tools and invitations to exclusive quarterly Threat Intelligence Briefings. Expertise On-Demand customers may also select an Incident Response Retainer to secure access to Mandiant Incident Response experts should a breach occur or be suspected.

Expertise On-Demand is currently available to existing FireEye customers.

Updated Incident Response Retainers to accelerate time to resolution

The FireEye Mandiant Incident Response Retainer establishes terms and conditions for incident response services before a cyber security incident is suspected. With a retainer in place, Mandiant services professionals are always on standby, reducing or eliminating the need to staff an in-house response team. In the event of an incident, an existing retainer can significantly reduce response time and the impact of a breach.

FireEye Mandiant Incident Response Retainers are designed to be flexible and meet the needs of every organisation:

  • No-cost retainer: Establishes terms and conditions for incident response services. The contract defines hourly rates for related services and technology fees. There is no financial commitment or annual cost. Charges are only incurred on a time and materials basis upon declaration of an incident.
  • Prepaid hours: Purchase pre-paid block of incident response hours at a discounted hourly rate, with the flexibility to repurpose unused hours. The pre-paid hours can be used on a wide range of technical and strategic consulting services.

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