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Clumio Sees Increased Demand For Its ‘All cloud’ Enterprise Data Protection Service in 2020

Clumio, innovators of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup, has announced increased demand for its “all cloud” enterprise data protection service in 2020, with an eight-time increase in the number of its platform customers protecting more than one data source across private cloud, public cloud and SaaS compared to seven months ago.

Clumio has hired more than 50% of its total company roster during the pandemic. The company has expanded from protecting one to four data sources, including AWS EC2, EBS and RDS, VMware Cloud on AWS and Microsoft 365 – the first service of its kind on a single platform. Enterprises choose Clumio for its innovative air-gap backup service for public cloud and SaaS. Clumio continues to evolve SaaS backup for the all cloud enterprise with a seamless public cloud backup service that enables companies to get to the cloud faster

“Remote work and a major uptick in SaaS and cloud use has escalated potential ransomware threats. Now, more than ever, our customers are realizing the value of a cloud-native data protection platform — a platform that arms them to fight today’s data protection challenges,” said Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Clumio.

The company is committed to removing cloud barriers so enterprises can achieve their cloud-related technology goals, continues to deepen its partnership with Amazon. The company’s enterprise backup as a service is built on native AWS services, meaning customers can take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability and economics AWS provides – without needing to rely on incomplete snapshot managers or build a solution on their own. Clumio’s data protection for Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) workloads is the first data protection service for long-term retention of AWS native services. Clumio protects EC2, EBS and RDS for operational recovery, data recovery, and long-term retention, dramatically reducing companies’ costs and security risks as they accelerate to the cloud.

The company has just achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready designation, which differentiates Clumio as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product fully tested on AWS Outposts. The company further distinguished itself as an AWS Partner Network member by earning AWS Storage Competency status, validating the company’s deep domain expertise in core storage categories including backup and recovery.

Clumio has marked the following corporate, customer and product-related milestones so far during 2020:


  • Increased employee headcount by 70% to 179 total employees.
  • Hired more than 50 percent of employee headcount during the pandemic.
  • Launched the Clumio Research and Development Center in Bengaluru, with plans to tap into local tech talent to double the company workforce in India by the end of 2020.
  • Launched operations in Canada, meaning Canadian companies – for the first time – have access to a simplified and cost-effective enterprise backup service that provides scale, flexible economics and inherent elasticity, while protecting the data within the borders of Canada.


  • Clumio, with the addition of Microsoft 365 to its secure backup as a service, has delivered on its all cloud vision with the first private, public and SaaS enterprise data protection service on a single platform. Announced industry’s first data protection service for long-term retention and compliance for Amazon RDS, including a free tier for operational recovery. Clumio now allows customers to address operational recovery, data recovery and long-term retention — all with a single service. Companies can slash up to 50% off their snapshot spend and can stop paying competitors for snapshot orchestration altogether with the free tier in Clumio.
  • Added Rolling Backup Protection for Amazon RDS, a product capability that includes a time-lagged standby copy of an RDS database securely stored in Clumio. The rolling backup is an essential add-on feature that enables administrators to do a full restore from the time-lagged standby copy in the event of a ransomware attack on the database or an account compromise.
  • Introduced Backup as a Service for AWS EC2/EBS, expanding Clumio’s functionality and flexibility within AWS. Users now have more options to protect their data, including consistent protection at various granularities from EBS to EC2, operational simplicity with unified policies, as well as cost-effective, air-gapped protection at up to 50 percent lower costs compared to AWS snapshots.
  • Added Extended Retention and Granular Record Retrieval for Amazon RDS, a simple, easy-to-use solution to help organizations adhere to regulatory requirements, company policies, and compliance mandates. Clumio helps these companies retain backup data for long durations, ensuring they can easily retrieve the data when needed. Granular backups can be taken weekly, monthly, and yearly and can be retained for seven years.


  • Achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage Competency status for enterprise backup solutions. Clumio is one of the youngest companies to earn this designation, recognizing the company’s ability to help customers successfully achieve their storage goals on AWS.
  • Earned the AWS Outposts Ready designation, part of the AWS Service Ready Program, validating that Clumio has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments.


  • Earned industry certifications and compliance for ISO 27001, SOC2 Type 1, HIPAA, and PCI/DSS Level 4.


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