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Busting Cybercrime with a Steely Resolve: Brijesh Singh, IGP, Maharashtra Police

Busting Cyber Crime with a Steely Resolve: Brijesh Singh, IGP, Maharashtra Police

He believes in leading from the front. He has cracked numerous cases of cybercrime, including some of the most complex cases. Brijesh Singh, Inspector General of Police at Government of Maharashtra, is a man of action.

Previously heading Maharashtra Police’s cybersecurity unit, Singh has also led the implementation of MH Cyber Project, CERT MH and Predictive Policing units. Besides, he has also been instrumental in implementing the unique project of Automated Multi-Modal Biometric Identification System (AMBIS), which is one of the first initiatives in India, where iris, face recognition, finger and palm prints will be used for identification of criminals. He has also been associated with huge and successful projects such as Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & System (CCTNS) project, online first information reports (FIRs), advanced forensics, and digitization of the state’s crime records along with other IT schemes for policing.

The elite Indian Police Service officer comes with tons of prior rich experience with various arms of law enforcement such as the CID. In the past, Singh has also been designated the Special Inspector General of Police – Women Atrocity Prevention, a special authority created by the Maharashtra government. He was also appointed the head of the state’s information and publicity department. He was the first IPS officer to hold this post.

Professionally, Singh believes in constantly updating his knowledge base with the latest from the world of cybercrime investigation methods and deploying the latest technologies. Being an unparalleled cyber warrior, he is a much sought-after speaker at cybersecurity and infosec forums to share his extensive knowledge and insights.

Singh is also an author on this subject which is dear to his heart. He has authored the thriller “Quantum Siege” for Penguin books. His recent book “Dangerous Minds of India”, is out on the stands now.

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