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An Infosec Practitioner & Thought Leader Securing Infosys: Vishal Salvi

More threats, more systems to protect, more tools to deploy, and more people to manage: The CISO’s job continues to get complicated, and we aren’t still counting their responsibilities at the senior management table. The modern-day CISO is more important than ever and is a critical persona that helps bridge gaps across technology, automation, and also cybersecurity. Needless to say, it requires a great deal of experience and technical expertise to protect an organization’s critical assets.


Meet Vishal Salvi – one of the finest and well-known names in the global cybersecurity space who, besides being a CISO for a billion-dollar organisation, is an active contributor, thought leader and practitioner in the information security domain spearheading the cause of security awareness and best-practices.
Vishal has devoted well over two decades of his professional life to the broader cause of technology and information security. Rising from a marketing executive for IT sales at CG Power and Industrial Solutions (earlier Crompton Greaves) in 1993, he went on to become a Chief Information Security Officer, and Head of the Cyber Security Practice at Infosys where he is responsible for the overall information and cybersecurity strategy and its implementation across Infosys Group. He is additionally responsible for the Cyber Security Business Delivery, driving security strategy, delivery, business, and operations enabling enterprises security and improving their overall posture.


Prior to joining Infosys, he has performed various leadership roles in Cybersecurity and Information Technology at PwC, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Global Trust Bank, Development Credit Bank, and Crompton Greaves.
Before PwC, Vishal was the CISO at HDFC Bank for around eight years where he was responsible to drive the information security strategy from the ground up, evaluating security policies, managing and dealing with risk managers and pretty much all aspects of infosec.


Vishal has extensive management and domain experience in driving transformation Cybersecurity programs, delivery, and sales in all key aspects i.e. Policy, Standards, Procedures, Awareness, Identity & Access Management, IT-GRC, Network Security, Incident Response, Security Monitoring, Malware protection, Cyber fraud management, Security configuration, Compliance, On-line Banking and e-commerce, Cryptography, Data Protection, Third Party Management, Business Continuity Planning, Cyber Defence Centres & Cloud Security, etc.


Apart from his vast experience in the enterprise domain, he is also a regular speaker in major local and global Cybersecurity conferences for sharing best practices and raising Cybersecurity awareness across the industry.


In addition to contributing to numerous publications, his certifications include CISM and DSCI Certified Privacy Professional. He has also received numerous awards from prestigious institutions such as DSCI, CSO Forum, ISACA, etc.

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