A Robust Cyber Exposure Platform Can Help Organizations Secure Digital Assets: Robert Huber, Chief Security Officer, Tenable

A Robust Cyber Exposure Platform Can Help Organizations Secure Digital Assets: Robert Huber, Chief Security Officer, Tenable

Digital transformation in today’s age of technology adoption has created a highly complex computing environment comprising of Cloud, DevOps, mobility and IoT, in which everything is connected as part of the new attack surface. While the benefits of digital transformation are aplenty, organizations have also realized that they now need the expertise of cybersecurity professionals to defend this elastic attack surface in order to tackle the growing threat landscape. A study by the Ponemon Institute has revealed that 60% of organizations globally have witnessed two or more business-disrupting cyber-attacks, which caused data breaches or substantial disruption and downtime to operations.

“The solution to our cyber woes isn’t throwing money at the problem. In fact, practicing basic cyber hygiene such as patching systems and using strong authentication can significantly reduce risk of compromise. The vast majority of data breaches today are the result of known, but unpatched vulnerabilities,” says Robert Huber, Chief Security Officer, Tenable in an exclusive interaction with DynamicCISO.

In fact, this attack surface is only set to expand as organizations continue on the route to become digitally savvy. Moreover, hackers and attackers are adopting increasingly sophisticated methods to infiltrate. Today, rather than having a single network to secure, organizations have a variety of environments to manage, including physical networks, private cloud, virtual SDN environments, multiple public clouds, and the list goes on.

Cybercriminals take advantage of loopholes that involve manual actions to bypass security layers. Hence, the key is to ensure that security needs are integrated and automated. Organizations must adopt a dynamic approach to cyber security – one that’s built for the digital world, its complexities and a shifting threat landscape.

Huber talks about Tenable’s Cyber Exposure platform, which is designed to help organizations secure the full range of modern assets and accurately manage, measure and reduce their risk holistically.

“Tenable’s Cyber Exposure platform is a perfect example of providing the visibility and insight needed to prioritize threats and vulnerabilities against business context to thwart attacks. We have also unveiled our Cyber Exposure analytics capabilities in Tenable Lumin, which enables organizations to answer four critical questions about their security posture — ‘Where are we exposed?’, ‘Where should we prioritize based on risk?’, ‘How are we reducing exposure over time?’ and ‘How do we compare to our peers?’. Tenable Lumin allows customers to compare their effectiveness for internal operations and against peers,” says Huber.

According to Huber, Tenable Lumin leverages machine learning to automatically correlate vulnerability and threat data together with asset criticality in a single platform. Organizations can calculate, communicate and compare their cyber exposure while managing risk. They can also visualize and explore their cyber exposure, track risk reduction over time and benchmark against their peers. Additionally, its advanced analysis and risk-based exposure scoring calculates and weighs asset value and criticality, vulnerabilities, and threat context – providing clear guidance about what to focus on. Thereby, helping customers identify areas of focus and optimize security investments according to business context.

Tenable Inc. is a Cyber Exposure company with expertise in understanding vulnerabilities to deliver a platform to secure digital assets.

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