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61% Indian Business Leaders Think Covid-19 Expanding Risk of Cybercrime

About 61% of Indian business leaders and decision-makers think their business is more likely to experience a serious cybercrime during the Covid-19 situation as opposed to 45% globally, says survey report.

About a third of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe that cyberattacks are more likely to occur during Covid-19 situation than before, showed the study by CrowdStrike.

From February to March alone, CrowdStrike found that there was a 100x increase in Covid-19 themed malicious files.

The highest among all countries surveyed, it was found that 62% of Indian companies provided additional training for their staff to learn how to tackle threat while working from home.

The “CrowdStrike Work Security Index” surveyed 4,048 senior decision-makers in India, Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, and the U.S across major industry sectors.

The survey looked into the attitudes and behaviours towards cybersecurity during the Covid-19 situation.

It included responses from 526 Indian decision-makers across small, medium and large business enterprises.

The survey revealed that a large majority of respondents around the globe are now working remotely, with more than half of them working remotely directly as a result of the pandemic.

This, in turn has given rise to the use of personal devices, including laptops and mobile devices, for work purposes, with 60% of respondents reporting that they are using personal devices to complete work – with countries like Singapore and India even reaching 70% or higher in personal device usage.

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