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FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report 2020: 90% Cos Believe Cyber Threats to Remain Same

As 2020 approaches, the state of cyber security priorities across organizations also evolves as they prepare to get more secured then the year 2019. Organizations will identify key cyber threats which may  impact their decision making to secure themselves more than ever.

FireEye recently conducted the 2020 FireEye Cyber Trendscape report, which outlined major cyber security priorities, mitigation strategies and overall perceptions held by senior executives. The survey was conducted over 800 senior executives from North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe (France, Germany and the UK) and Asia (China, Japan and South Korea).

The survey found that 90% of organizations believe cyber threats will stay the same or worsen in 2020 and the top three industry sectors believed to be the most likely targets of a cyber-attack are finance and banking, technology and government.

The biggest concerns for organizations during a cyber breach event are loss of sensitive data, impacts to customers and business operation disruptions.

Nearly a dozen industry segments were represented in the study. The top three industries, technology, industrial and manufacturing and banking and finance accounted for 71% of all participants. The findings represent the views from three senior organizational roles with 45% of participants at C-level an above, 17% at the vice president level and 38% at the senior director level. The participants were 68% men and 32% women. Canada had the largest percentage of women participants (42%).  Participants reported to having a formal  CISO/CSO role  to be (50%), chief compliance officer (34%) and chief risk officer (26%).The regions with the highest presence of chief compliance officers or similar roles were the UK (43%), France (41%), the U.S. (40%) and China (38%).






Key Study findings addressing cyber risk:

  • Their assessment of the performance and value of cyber security solutions and of government and regulatory agencies.
  • The most likely and most vulnerable targets of cyber attacks.
  • The most likely source of cyber attacks they experienced over the past 12 months. The overall perception of the outlook for cyber risks in 2020 by global participants was grim with 56% believing that it would worsen over the next 12 months and 33% were of the opinion it would stay the same.

The most pessimistic participant views were from U.S. (74%) and Japan (72%) where risks from cyber threats were expected to worsen over the next 12 months. Participants also believed that cyber threats were becoming more difficult to understand and defend against.

Responses 4 and 5 (“more difficult”) accounted on average a total of 70% of responses globally. However, in Canada and Korea, 84% of respondents chose responses 4 and 5, signalling increased concerns in these countries over the evolving complexity of the cyber threat landscape.

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