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Fortinet Forms Exclusive Alliance with Exodus Intelligence to Further Protect Global Enterprises Against Cyber Threats

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Fortinet, a global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, has announced a partnership with Exodus Intelligence designed to facilitate information sharing between the two organizations, to further protect enterprises across the globe from looming cyber threats. The combination of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs broad threat research coverage and the unique expertise Exodus provides on the latest emerging zero-day threats, provides a significant benefit in gaining advanced notice of attacks before they have already infiltrated an organization’s network. In addition to the intelligence sharing elements of the partnership, both Exodus and Fortinet will work on the development of new customer-facing threat mitigation and incident response services.

Cyber adversaries are persistent, motivated, agile, and employ a variety of tactics and techniques designed to compromise enterprise systems, disrupt services, commit financial fraud, expose sensitive information and steal intellectual property. To enhance incident response actions and bolster cyber defenses, organizations must harness the collective wisdom of peers through information sharing and coordinated incident response. The exchange of the latest threat intelligence data has the potential to significantly help in preventing looming cyber attacks.

“Zero-day exploits typically impact organizations far before they have the opportunity to remedy the situation,” said Logan Brown, president of Exodus Intelligence. “Exodus specializes in unearthing these types of vulnerabilities and developing exploits to demonstrate the impact of such flaws. Combined with the broad breadth of threat intelligence the FortiGuard team provides, we expect our partnership to enable the discovery and prevention of many ongoing, covert cyber attacks and to further protect organizations from serious these threats.”

Details of the intended partnership include:

  • Joint engagement with customers around the globe to discover and prevent zero-day security threats.
  • Training on specialized zero-day methodologies and techniques to further extend Fortinet’s breadth of threat prevention.
  • Joint development of an early-warning system designed to alert enterprise, financial services, healthcare customers and others of imminent zero-day threats, and provide prevention, consultation on remediation strategies.

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